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It's been awhile

But I'm still alive!

Dec. 15, 2015, 7:37 p.m.

Where to start ...
I suppose a good summary of things that have happened is in store:
1. I've added all the games I've worked on to my Projects page. Check 'em out!
2. I'm going to be going on a London tour in June 2016 with the Cal Poly Jazz Band. So ... that's amazing.
3. I'm finally done with one of my last of 3 quarters in college.

That last one is kind of surreal to me, to be honest. I'll never perform in uniform at a college football game ever again. I'll never perform in a concert hall with ~300 other musicians ever again. I won't be able to participate in away-game trips with the band anymore.

What's funny is that all of these things have to do with being in Cal Poly's marching band. I really can't see myself not being part of it and it being part of my life, but each quarter it gets phased out a little more. I'm really going to miss it - the people, the music, the leadership, and especially the feeling of performing for thousands.
But I digress. There's really not much else to say in this blog post other than I've still been working on music and games and that I'll be done with school soon (even more so since I passed all my classes this quarter, eyyyyyy ...).

So yeah, thanks for reading! Cheers, and happy holidays!

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Last first quarter of the year!

My final year at Cal Poly

Sept. 24, 2015, 12:27 p.m.

School is back in session and I'm finally about to embark on my final year at college. This year is awesome as I'll be able to focus largely on my senior project since I only have GEs left to conquer. I'm also taking an audio engineering course this fall, so I'll likely be spending a lot more time putting stuff onto SoundCloud (but soon to be Youtube since I'm running out of space).
To summer-ize my summer (heh), I had an exceptional time at Apple and will be joining them full-time after I graduate! So no need to job search this year, I'm set! I really hope to do some more stuff with iOS this year to keep myself in the loop and I'll likely base my senior project around iOS.

That's all I got for now!
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Bun Bun!

Computer graphics are fun!

Jan. 15, 2015, 4:54 p.m.

Someone reading this post may or may not recognize the above bunny. It's a pretty iconic little figure in the computer graphics world. Anyway, the above bunny is one that I generated, displayed and colored! Ain't that a hoot? Given a whole bunch of ASCII, I created a pretty looking, nicely shaded bunny. This process is called rasterization. It's a time consuming and process consuming endeavor, but it's one of the final steps in the graphics pipeline - that is, going from a set of 'world coordinates' to a fully displaying image.

This was done for a Computer Graphics class I'm currently taking. The best part about this class is that I was allowed to take an upper division Art class without the prerequisites. So in addition to turning .obj files into actual interactive media, I get to learn how to create those initial .obj files as well using Maya. I'll be updating this blog with creations from both those classes and my iOS Development class, so stay tuned!

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