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It's been awhile

But I'm still alive!

Dec. 15, 2015, 7:37 p.m.

Where to start ...
I suppose a good summary of things that have happened is in store:
1. I've added all the games I've worked on to my Projects page. Check 'em out!
2. I'm going to be going on a London tour in June 2016 with the Cal Poly Jazz Band. So ... that's amazing.
3. I'm finally done with one of my last of 3 quarters in college.

That last one is kind of surreal to me, to be honest. I'll never perform in uniform at a college football game ever again. I'll never perform in a concert hall with ~300 other musicians ever again. I won't be able to participate in away-game trips with the band anymore.

What's funny is that all of these things have to do with being in Cal Poly's marching band. I really can't see myself not being part of it and it being part of my life, but each quarter it gets phased out a little more. I'm really going to miss it - the people, the music, the leadership, and especially the feeling of performing for thousands.
But I digress. There's really not much else to say in this blog post other than I've still been working on music and games and that I'll be done with school soon (even more so since I passed all my classes this quarter, eyyyyyy ...).

So yeah, thanks for reading! Cheers, and happy holidays!

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IndieCade here I come... ?

Can I call myself a game music composer now??? :)

June 2, 2015, 1:29 a.m.

My good friend Aaron Jacobs has finally finished his senior project and submitted it to IndieCade for evaluation. How sick is that!? The best part is that I was able to contribute music to his project and be mentioned as a team member, meaning in the case he's selected to showcase at the convention, I'll be able to get in and join him! This is really awesome for me since it's the first time my work will be looked at/ featured in a pretty large setting. I really am humbled that I was approached to compose music for this game even though I have no real background in composition, audio engineering, or mastering. I hope his game does well!

Take a look at my music page to see the full 3 songs I made for the game, and be sure to watch the above trailer and support his game!
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