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Shading, reflection, and lighting Oh My!

I love lamp

Feb. 20, 2015, 4:38 a.m.

I've finally gotten around to doing an assignment for my 3D modeling class that I'm ok with showing off. The last week in class we've been learning how to assign materials and colors to created objects, so it was only fair to ask us to do those tasks when creating a lava lamp in Maya. For someone who is in no way a graphic artist, I have to say that this render of my lamp looks pretty nifty. You got sweet shadows, smooth reflections, ambient and spot lighting, and neon orange goop to tie it all together.

In just a little few weeks, I should have a short film animated by myself and a classmate to post, so be on the lookout! Yay 3D modeling! If you have a copy of Maya and would like to attempt to create a lamp as well, visit this tutorial.

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